St. Paddy’s Day – March 17, Leawood KS

great hats‘Tis a Saturday this year ‘n ’twill be a two-fer with the NCAA Tournament continuin’ on during our annual St. Patrick’s Day hoolie here in Leawood, KS.  We’ll be showin’ all the games that day on our multiple TVs inside ‘n out, so get ready – there’ll be Basketball, Feasting Imbibery & Debauchery with Quenchibility & Gusto for All!

St. Paddy’s Day Festivities will be shamrockin’ all of Leawood and Overland Park.  In fact, this’ll be the shamrockin’est St. Patrick’s Day party in all of Johnson County.  It’ll start early in the AM and last all day n’ into the night – with KC’s Best Patio, this is an event you won’t want to miss:

Breakfast:  Starts at 9AM and goes to 11AM, or when we run out!  We’ve improved the breakfast this year and are puttin’ together a breakfast like no other with lots o’ traditional Irish favorites like rashers, beans, bangers, and moreOf course, come ready for our signature Irish coffee too!Bartenders-StPats

All Day Menu: Keepin’ you fed and on your feet for all day fun with a special menu featuring our Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner along with other popular items from our regular menu that you’ve known to love through 28 years of St. Paddy Celebrations.

Quenchibility: Of course the green beer starts flowin’ plenty early with other full service bar options inside and outside at the patio bar. That includes a full complement of beers, whiskeys, and even Jell-O Shots. Entertainin’ young lasses will be helping throughout the day, offering up special shots and party swag.  There are sure to be plenty of Irish-inspired options, so ask about the day’s special concoctions.

Entertainment: Our DJ will be Shamrockin’ the good ole Irish tunes and, of course, the current n’ popular ditties for dancin’ and debauchery through the evenin’ and into the night.  Bagpipers will help the celebration too – be sure to catch ’em around 3PM or a bit after.




Now that you have the details of the day, perhaps you’ll  need a bit o’ knowledge and  traditional Irish lore on the fine occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, read along below and consider yourself well-informed on the grand day…

Leprechauns are a rich, deep part of Irish heritage and folklore, often depicted as a smallish man clad in a green suit with a wide brimmed flat topped hat.  He is always up to mischief, when he isn’t cobblin’ away and makin’ shoes.  Any gold he might have, find, earn, or steal is hidden in his pot, the location of which is only revealed by the rainbow. In Ireland, he often takes on a different appearance dependin’ on what part of the country you might be in.  But wherever they’re from and whatever they’re wearin’, they all are up to no good and they’re more than likely to be a few pints and a couple o’ shots o’ whiskey ahead of you.Now, if you be wonderin’ about some Irish folklore on this day of celebration, we’ll share

The Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland, made popular by our one and only dear old St. Patrick.  He used it when he was talkin’ to the Irish and explainin’ how it was the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost that made up the Holy Trinity.  At some point, the Irish began wearin’ shamrocks in their hats on March 17th in honor of the Feast of St. Patrick, leadin’ to our traditions today of donnin’ the green to celebrate the grand and glorious day.  It should be noted that a four-leaf clover is not a shamrock at all, but a clover with an extra leaf and not much of a link to Irish lore at all.

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