Paddy O’Quigley’s Irish Pub and Grille, is located�on the corner of 151st and Nall in�Leawood,�KS, in�the�County�of�Johnson,�the suburban Southside of Kansas City. The refreshing Irish approach, with its warm and friendly atmosphere, has complimented the Quenchibility ‘n Gusto Attitude, established in 1990, at the original location on�119th�St.�Founded with the slogan of “Family and Friends Forever”, Paddy O’Quigley’s is an Irish American Neighborhood Pub and a local�tradition since 1990. Generations of wit and wisdom have graced barstools, shared laughter and tears, wet whistles together,�exchanged fact and fiction, and passed along the art of telling long and tall tales.

Paddy O’Quigley’s was founded in 1990, by Tom Intfen, with Family and Friends from his hometown of�Atchison�KS, as well as a local contingency�from the�Kansas City�area. “Quigley” was the maiden name of Tom’s mother�s mother (aka ‘GranMa’ Josephine, from Co. Tipperary, Ireland, herself). The prefix “O” was added for a wee bit of flare and “Paddy” was just mythically licensed Irish Blarney. Blessed with the Luck of the Irish and�the support of�Family and Friends anchored by his youngest sister “Sweet Judy Blue Eyes”,�it all worked out�and a neighborhood community built a new Irish tradition.

The current location at 151st�and Nall, was added in May of 2011. Somewhat farther south in�County�Johnson, nestled in the middle of the IronHorse Centre, yet still in our beloved City of�Leawood. Sadly, after 22 years, the original on�119th�St.�closed in January of 2012. Now, Paddy O’Quigley’s on 151st�and Nall�is a cozy Irish Pub on the inside�with a�grand n� glorious�patio outside that backs�up to The Iron Horse Golf Course. Voted as The Best Patio by�Kansas City�s 435 Magazine, Paddy’s�patio�is the�perfect spot to enjoy a�day or evenin�, often with live music, fun, and festivity under fair skies.

history page new _crop_optimizedIn 2013, an opportunity presented itself…and O’Tommy Boy, a publican for 23 years, passed ‘The Shillelagh’ on to the Irish Brothers, from the old hometown of�Atchison�KS.� As Irish Luck would have it, “The Brothers Carrigan”, were not only from�Atchison, but�Dan and�Tim Carrigan�were cousins to the Intfen’s. With the�Atchison�tradition playing forward, the Family Tradition of Paddy O’Quigley’s was continuing on. Ironically, this Irish connection goes back even further…all the�way back across the pond, to�County�Tipperary. Sure enough�’tis that the �Long Long Way to�Tipperary� linked up along with the�Yellow Brick Road�and led them all�to�Atchison�KS. True Irish Providence at work…all here in the Land of Oz.

With a menu�that is as clever as it is unique, it is the quality, as well as the quantity of�our fine fare�that makes�the difference. Service with a smile, plus a diverse selection of Beers, Wines, American Bourbons, Single Malt Scotch Whisky’s and the best selection of Irish Whiskey’s allowed in the State of Kansas, all add to the glow you get�when you cross through�our doors. But it is the food that sets us apart from the rest�and with �Sweet Judy Blue Eyes� still at the helm of the kitchen, the�fabulous fare�continues to delight our diners.

Now�as you all would know it, we Irish celebrate like few do and we particularly celebrate one day�like none other.�March 17th, St.�Patrick�s�Day is not just an Irish Feast Day at Paddy O’Quigley’s,�it is St�PADDY’S Day !!! And our St�PADDY’S Day Celebration is a�County�Johnson�tradition … built with generations of Family and Friends, St. Practicing every day�Forever ‘n Ever AMEN.

So to those that visit us,�May�the Lord and the Luck O’�the Irish, be always with You and Yours.